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Welcome To The Bitchery

Yay for the sisterhood of women!

I started my period this morning unexpectedly*. I’m working at a different location than usual, with a single male coworker. I had no tylenol or anything, there were no stores nearby, and I don’t have a car. My cramps were getting so bad I thought I might pass out (which has happened before). What was I to do?

I walked across the road to the one local business that serves customers, which was a restaurant. I ordered a sandwich and confessed my ordeal to the server, who disappeared into the back right away. My sandwich was served in record time and came with a side order of every time of painkiller the (all-female) staff could put together from their purses. Now I’m blissfully, slightly-foggily pain free. Yay!

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*I should have expected it, because technically I’m a month late, but since my surgery I’m pretty irregular. I’m just glad I had a pad in my purse.

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