because I actually called two sets of friends - made plans to get together with one couple (the ones I went to BA Argentina with) after I get back from New Orleans and left a message with another couple (the ones who have a farmette out in Dubal). I cleaned and mopped each of the 3 rooms that have linoleum and vacuumed most of the rest of the apartment (so I am not completely better but it's a start).

Ooh, Legend of Sleepy Hollow is reprised tonight and I get to watch from the beginning. The first thing I noticed is that er, how can a guy with no head be so accurate with that damned axe. It looks like all the big-time actors are going to be killed off and they are going to have a woman as the co-anchor of the movie. That is another yay! So the the first horseman on the white horse is Conquest and is an archer but possibly the first horseman is Christ. Yeah, right - that is not where this show is going. The Preterists (past fulfillment) believe that the Four Horsemen were stories that already happened (why didn't those cops with shotguns shoot the damned headless man instead of telling a stupid joke????) - where was I, oh yeah, the first horseman was supposed to be the Parthians who were renowned archers. Oh, now the show jumps to the 4th horseman - on a pale horse, oh well I might be wrong about this whole thing

(replaying Person Of Interest in my head, I think that the new year is going to have a parallel track with the cops which means 5 leads - 3 guys two women - maybe this is a good trend). Oh, and I watch the occasional Bones.

So now I have 4 tv shows to watch, LoSH, PoI, Elementary, and sometimes (blanked out here - you know that show where the guy is chasing Red John). It used to be easy with PoI and Elementary on the same night. Now I am going to have to pay attention to the day and time - I may have to set up calendar notification or something.