Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Yay, I can has posting privileges! Also, wedding budgeting strategies?!

Hello, everyone! I am so excited to be able to post here finally! [kermit flail]

So, I need help. (I know, I know, so needy already!) My fiance and I are planning a wedding for next December, and the expenses are getting a little out of hand. It’s going to be hard to rein them in much further for several reasons:

1) Our selected venue (one of the cheapest venues in the area we could find that still had some amenities, which is DC, so not amazingly cheap) has a mandated list of caterers, and *they’re* not the cheapest?


2) We’re not the biggest crafty people in the universe? Like, we’re planning on DIY-ing the flowers and the decorations, but IDK what else we can do?

3) We’ve already cut the guest list to about 70 probables (as in, a few more will be invited, but we’re pretty sure this is the top-line number of that list who would attend) and don’t think we can cut it much further without either a) offending loved ones or b) cutting people out that we’d really like to celebrate with!! (Mostly b)


4) I’m already planning on getting a cheap-ish dress, we have a lot of dry guests and kids invited so the alcohol expenses aren’t a huge overrun...

But we are still looking at like, $15k easily. EASILY. Probably more. We are not getting any financial help from our families. So, the questions are, where ELSE can we cut expenses? We have savings, but basically how do we not deplete them entirely on this or go too far into debt trying not to deplete our savings? Pretty much I am freaking out. We both make fairly decent incomes—should we just work super hard to be frugal over the next year and use that to keep replenishing as we spend? UGH.

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