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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Yay, I have mellowed

As always, thank you to everyone who chimed in on my prior posting about Depo and moods. I noticed yesterday that my mood had definitely improved over me being Little Miss Jekyll/Hyde during the prior several days.

In talking to the practitioner at the clinic yesterday, she affirmed that my body’s likely still acclimating to the Depo. I mainly got the shot because it’s hard for me to get to a clinic, so it would have been tricky to want to get an IUD, then have to go back to actually have it inserted on a different visit. (I don’t own a car right now, transit out of my fishbowl of a town is limited, and my parents are very judgmental conservatives, so epic NOPE on them giving me a lift to a PP clinic, Gods forbid.) But the mood swings unnerved me enough that I’m really looking at getting the IUD in lieu of my next Depo shot. I seriously do not have mood swings that see-saw as badly as the ones this week have.


So I shall close this with a big, relieved sigh. As well as a hope I don’t go through the see-sawing moods again next month.

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