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Yay I have privileges! So, Gif help...

I am speechless.

A little about myself before I ask the question below.

  1. I am a frequent lurker (and might lurk until further notice, because of school)
  2. I am in a PhD program in language education.
  3. I am married and had my first year anniversary was last week.
  4. Crowds of people make me nervous.
  5. I am a TVholic (I know, not a word. Is there a word for that? Couch potato?)
  6. And I am currently watching the Good Wife.

Now for the question. So I have been waiting forever to ask this question, I came across a GIF used a year ago (it makes me laugh every time) and I wanted to know where it was from. Is it from a movie? A TV show? Any help would be great. It is posted below.


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