I went out to lunch with my best friend who was being terrible. She apologized and said that she was taking out a lot of her stress on me. Also once I got to be face to face to her and explain how I was feeling, she was a lot more empathetic and supportive. For example:

“So how have you been feeling?”

“Pretty much like I’ve had the worst hangover of my life for about 10 weeks straight now, but no tequila shits. In fact, almost no shits ever.”

“Man, I’m sorry I bitched at you for complaining. I have a hangover right now and that legit sounds like agony.”

So I think we’re cool? I’m still pretty wary of her, but I’m giving her a chance.

Also I’m pretty convinced that my little one takes entirely too much after me. It’s behavior in utero is almost exactly what I was like, and the doctor had to practically chase it with the Doppler. Also, now I hate meat. Hate it. When I was a kid, I didn’t eat meat until I was maybe 11 or 12. But I did like potatoes and most veggies and juice, which is all I want now. Weird.


Also all these weird pregnancy memes I made because Pregnant Women are Smug (thank you Garfunkel and Oates). And Hank Hill expressing my current feelings towards anyone who tells me to do prenatal yoga.



This has been your Thursday random post with Flossielou!