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Yay, Sandman!

My brother told me that there was a new comic book store in another suburb that borders the two suburbs we live in. I didn't have time to go yesterday on the day that Sandman Overture was released. I did zip by today after work.

I had a lively discussion of the Sandman and Neil Gaiman with The Comic Book Guy. We both had all of our Sandman comics stolen years ago. We were both excited that it was here. I took the last one and he apologized for only having one cover. It was the Dave McKean cover, which I would have picked anyway. He said he was ordering more, because he hadn't even read it yet.


He asked how I heard of the shop, and I told him that my brother told me about it. I told him who my brother was and he said, "Oh, he has the other cover! Next month, I'll just put another copy in His and S's bin. If I'm not here, just let whoever is that that's where your copy is."

Then I got to text my brother: "Did you seriously have a copy of the new Sandman last night and not tell me?" When he didn't answer immediately I texted his boyfriend and gave him some good-natured crap, too. They hadn't been by to pick their copy up, so all is forgiven.

The comic is awesome. I haven't bought a serial comic in forever, so I have a month to stare at the art and contemplate what will happen next. It's like finding out an old friend is coming into town. The Sandman ended as my senior year in high school came to an end.


Also, there was an ad for Dead Boy Detectives, which is releasing on December 31st. Edwin and Roland appeared in The Sandman's Seasons of Mist and had a short run in the Children's Crusade in 1993/1994. They are wonderful characters and I will have that one pulled, too. My brother offered to pick them up on Friday (when they game) and drop them off on his way to work on Saturday, but I suspect that is so he can read them first.

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