Every Christmas Eve for the last few years my grandparents and aunts have grilled me about work, boyfriends and the lack thereof, and babies. Ever since I turned 21 they've wondered why I don't have a boyfriend, and 'do I like being lonely?' Or my personal favorite 'I'd rather you were alone then one of those girl-lovers' (courtesy of my obnoxious aunt). But this year? NOTHING. Not one word was uttered about me. I snuck in, ate, talked to my parents, and left two hours later. I am so freaking excited about this, I see it as a small victory.

Now I'm sitting home, alone. Drinking homemade hot chocolate and pizzelles. I'm in freaking HEAVEN. I'm on GT, my favorite place, with my favorite people. I wouldn't change anything for the world. I love you all, I hope your night is as lovely as mine!