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Yay! We Made Friends, and one of them is like MAKE ART, so I did!

Things are going well!

When I got home after my car accident on our first day in our new apartment, the couple next door was hanging out with my husband, had helped him move some of the heavy stuff and boxes (so I didn't have to help move anything!) and turns out we have a ton in common, and so now we have new friends!

She and I are both Native American - she also paints, and she's an awesome singer, and her boyfriend looks at her with adoration at Karaoke, and he and my husband both talk machines and construction and they all smoke cigarettes together while I remind myself how much I like being a nonsmoker.


And we live in apartments that are full of college students, and we are both trying to finish our degrees (I am in between, she is actually on it) and we're like, Yay, we're not the only Olds around here! (ie, we are late twenties/early thirties surrounded by 18-23 yr olds, not that much of an age difference but less drama)

I told them that if I could order friends on Amazon, they would fit the bill. When you meet people that are your people, you just know. My husband and I have been turning into hermits in this new town.

The four of us went out to Karaoke the other night and it was great fun. When we came back she was all, "You need to paint! Here, have this canvas, PAINT SOMETHING FROM YOUR SOUL!"

And I did! Here it is, it is called Seven Macaw Constellation, and is loosely inspired by the myth (which is another version of the Big Dipper constellation).

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