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Welcome To The Bitchery
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I had mentioned in HoneyHeart’s OT post that I was throwing a wish out to Mother Nature to “do something”, so I wouldn’t have my scheduled period during my vacation next week.


She LISTENED! 9 days early, and I’ve never been so happy about a period. Now if this is just a twisted joke, and I am going to get a double this month (it’s happened before), she will get a stern talking to.

Also good:

All the prep/cooking is done, and the kitchen is clean.

All the laundry is done.

Windows washed.

Juventus won.

An ex, one I REALLY liked who just kind of drifted away, reached out and would like to get together next weekend. Cautiously optimistic.


My kit-cat is sleeping in my lap.

Only 5 days of work, then vacation!

Yep, a pretty solid day.

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