I’m sitting with Wally outside, finally alone. Alone with my tears & my thoughts & my grief for the man who has come in to my life & fully changed it. My heart is broken for him. He’s inside, snuggled tight in my bed with older dog.

He lost his Father on Sunday.

Mr. 4th’s Mother, who treats me like a daughter. His sisters who are my sisters. His only Brother who passed away less than a year ago but still fills the room. This family is hurting.

There is a little rain falling all of a sudden but not enough, in my opinion.

My 2 sisters; my lifelines. One older & one younger jumped in to action. They went to the house while we were funeraling & laid out the food I cooked. Their loving arms comforted many people in the last 24 hours.

I finally have a quiet moment to grieve.

Please give me music. I’ve got my earbuds in. ANYTHING at all~

Make it snappy, my friends~