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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Yeah, I said it

I’m grey on I Thee Dread anyway, so it won’t make any difference (unless they decide to regrey me at Jez) but I called the wedding-bouquet article Peak Clickbait.

I’m guilty of clicking on it, like many other people, because I love wedding horror stories, and also I have made sure I am at at the bar refreshing my drink during the bouquet toss at practically every wedding I have ever attended. But that wasn’t a “woman with weird priorities” diving for the bouquet: it was a child holding another child (whose parents IMHO should have considered relieving her of her burden so she could take part). The bouquet toss, like most of the wedding pageantry, can be fun for little girls. I hope she’s not being shamed on social media for dropping the kid. (Full disclosure: I would drop my brother at the slightest provocation, let alone for something fun - plus he was solidly built and heavy.)


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