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Smart Feminist Show is what I'm calling The 100 now. It's an apt description. Who saw it? Who wants to talk about it? Enter the Spoiler Room.

Octavia is fantastic. She's a bit less self-destructive than BSG's Starbuck, but she's got a similar spirit, and I adore that.

I wracked my brain at what architecture around DC would have that configuration, but as soon as the gorilla was revealed, I remembered the national zoo. It makes great sense. I love that unexpected thinking. I'm so glad Lexa & Clarke are having a run together. Can't wait to see what they learn from each other.


And it was heartbreaking to see Lincoln get the injection of the drug he'd just gotten sober from. Poor guy.

Bellamy has had an easy time of it this season. He's been there as everyone's big brother, with good hugs as needed. I'm excited to see Bellamy do some heavy lifting, story-wise, in the back half of the season. I'm stoked at the possibilities! I'm sure whatever's coming, it's gonna be gooooooooood!

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