Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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I have a client (I am a lawyer) who called last week to berate my receptionist and me for the quality of my work, saying his case "fell through the cracks" under my watch, and demanding a meeting with my boss to talk about his dissatisfaction. I asked him to identify his issues so that we could adequately prepare for the meeting, and he refused to tell me what they were because he wanted to tell my boss directly.

Well, my boss was out of town, so I was super worried that he would get back and be upset with me that a client was unhappy. My boss totally had my back when I explained the situation and agreed that the client was just frustrated at the legal process, and that it wasn't anything I could help. He also agreed with my analysis of the case, said that it was good, and that the decision on the next step was the client's, so naturally, we couldn't do anything until the client instructed us... like I told the client. ANYWAY.


They had the meeting today and my boss was not mad at me at all! I don't know if the client said anything about me at all, but if he did, my boss didn't mention it. I feel so much better. I got fired from my last job because my boss and I didn't get along and he treated me like crap... it feels so much better to have bosses who trust you to do the work.

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