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Remember the last time we did this? We're doing it again. As it is the one day a year, that our lord, Kanye, laid some slick beats for you, produced by Oscar, Wizard Of The Mission District Represent. As today is that day, I will be posting random-ass gifs and pics I have laying around on my computer, ask for analysis, then you post, I give you analysis.

I'll break it down:

Post shit.

Get told.

Get enlightened.

As always, my trusted Nutcracker Prince or some shit Oscar, Wizard Of The Mission District Represent will be aiding me, and his buddy Vlad-some fucker who refuses to wear a shirt and talks about The Ukraine way too much (Dude, give it a break)-will be on call to help me help you help yourself to find, ultimately, truth in YEEZUS.


Last but not least, an artistic rendering of your doctors, and the guy named Vlad.

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