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This was posted on Gizmodo: a woman did a search for "pressure cooker" after her husband searched for "backpack" and the FBI showed up at her door to check up the next day.

Something about this story seems off. For one, it seems like the FBI would not have the manpower to investigate everyone who googles how to make a bomb. I'm sure lots of people do it for poops and laughs - fiber is hard to come by - and there are a great many ways you could learn how to make a bomb. Plus, is this the only thing they investigate personally? What about the litany of other crimes you could research or commit on the internet?


But two, the search terms she specifies are fairly innocuous and ridiculous. You might simply be searching those to write up a story. Granted, she could by lying to us or the FBI could have been concerned about a bigger amalgamation of factors, but this just seems off. Like, is this a publicity stunt to scare us and try to fear us away from searching out the more dangerous parts of the internet?

Lastly, this is an old joke on the internet about the FBI finding out about a user's google searches. While I don't doubt that the government might have access, this seems to be played a little too well for humor as well. I just can't get past how off this makes my brain feel. It's like an uncanny valley for news stories.

ETA: Another link for a write up the author did on a blog.

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