Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Yep. I'm pretty done.

Pretty sure I have accidentally stolen a sacred artifact or forgotten to invite a witch to a party because I am totally cursed. This entire year has been just disaster after disaster after disaster. From lost jobs to family that has passed. My dog has diabetes, two ovens have just stopped working, the pilot light on our water heater goes out for literally no apparent reason and just now for no fathomable cause we have no water. None. I washed clothes, went to wash some dishes, no water. It’s just literally every week there has been some disaster or tragedy. We’re out of money, and finding reasons to fight. Stress, that’s the reason. I can barely sleep, pretty sure I have developed eczema and am just every day getting closer and closer to just giving the fuck up. Just there’s no reason not to. Every thing I have tried has failed in a spectacular way. I know this is a lot of a pity party but I legitimately can’t deal anymore.


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