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Yes, all lives matter. Now shut up about it.

Dear white people,

Mira coño.

No one has ever disputed the fact that white lives matter. This isn't about you, white people. No one is targeting you. You don't get shot 12 times and called a demon. You don't get strangled to death in the street, on camera, for selling loose cigarettes. You don't lose your 12 year old child to bullets and then suffer a smear campaign from the child-killers.


The hashtag is #blacklivesmatter because, try as we might, we as a country apparently cannot actually grasp that concept. It's important to focus on black lives, because black lives are the ones at stake. To cut in and say, "But all lives matter, this isn't about race, everyone matters" is the worst kind of derailing. Colour blindness is a privilege of whiteness. The rest of us have to live with reality.

Yeah, everyone matters. Not everyone is killed every 28 hours. If you're going to be an ally, take yourself and your ego out of the equation.


Not a white person

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