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Yes, another food post!

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This time I need suggestions for what to drink bring to a girls night potluck! One of my friends is throwing a post-holiday boxed wine, ugly sweater, and pole dancing potluck at her place and I asked her to name anything (literally anything!) at all she would like me to make and I'll whip it up. She suggested something chocolaty, but then other guests dogpiled onto the conversation and started offering to make all sorts of chocolate things - dipped strawberries, muddy buddies which I've seen mentioned twice...


Should I make something chocolate or do you suppose this lets me off the hook? I don't want her to end up with half a dozen people bringing chocolates. If not chocolates, any other suggestions? I am leaning towards making Thai angel wings (those are chicken wings stuffed with eggrolls for the uninformed) if she needs more people to bring actual food. Otherwise it's going to be truffles six ways - chocolate ganache, caramel, yellow cake, cookie butter, rum balls, and rosewater.

I feel like it's my duty to ply everyone I know with super rich food in the winter.

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