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Yes Groupthink there is a Santa Claus

I would like to add my 2014 take on an answer by an editor for 1897 that is true then as it is today. Santa does exist. He exists when one is polite even though one disapproves of an organization they belong to. Santa exists when you wish a cashier or stock person a nice day when they help you or simply ringing you up. Santa exists when believe in even for a moment people cannot be that bad. Santa exists in the parent who works extra hours to get gifts for their child. Santa exists in simple acts of kindness. Santa is simple human decency, he is a belief in wonder and amazement, he is politeness. He is what seperates us from doing illwill or wanting to do harm. He is simply the embodiment of our better selves. He is raw, simple, altruistic love. I believe in Santa Claus. http://www.nysun.com/editorials/yes…


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