A few days ago I read a post about a fellow GTer whose dad and brother told her there is no Santa.

There is. I could explain but no one ever made a case for why Santa exists then an old letter to the New York Sun http://www.nysun.com/editorials/yes…

So yes he exists. I will also explain but not as well as the greatest answer ever.

Santa is the spirits of generosity, good will, charity, jollyness, childhood innocence, wonder and amazement. During this season these spirits are manifested stronger then ever. On Christmas Eve are these spirits not at their strongest like they touch us like a tap on the shoulder empowering us for when we are with friends and family or even strangers.

So yes GT Santa exists. World would be a bitter, miserly, cynical world without Santa. The editorial said it far, far better then me. This letter needs to be read to all who says “there is no such thing as Santa”.