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Yes, I am binge-watching Super Nanny. Here's why:

I used to be a nanny, and I have a child development background (education + experience). I'm not currently working with kids, and my plans for the future include indirect involvement with kids.

Jo Frost is not a superhero, she's not infallible. The general public took the 'naughty chair' concept way out of context. However, watching these shows, for me, is like exercising a muscle.

I watch and think, how would I react? What would I say to these parents and children? How would I educate them with minimal shame and maximum support? How could I see past their defenses? How could I reach the kids?


Often, she does a good job. Often, I find myself agreeing with her practices. Sometimes, she'll try something I wouldn't have thought of. Sometimes, she just mugs for the camera.

It makes me feel good, though, to see her offering the families concrete help. Practical tools for organization and communication. That's very much in line with something I want to do in the future.

So, it's watching someone in my field who has her quirks and fallibilities, but can be a springboard for ideas and action.

Some of the families break my heart. Nobody said it's easy living with other humans. So many of them, of us, are just doing the best we can.

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