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Yes, I Have Big Boobs

That does not mean, however, that you can do any of the following:

  • Stare at them while I'm talking to you
  • Stare at them while I'm not talking to you
  • Talk freely about them as though I'm not in the room
  • Talk freely about them to my face
  • Try to touch them without me saying it's A-OK
  • Assume that I got my job by sleeping with someone
  • Assume that because I'm not 100% perfect at my job the first day, it must be true that I slept with someone to get it
  • Assume that I must have it easier in life
  • Assume that I'm down to fuck, whenever wherever with whomever
  • Tell me and others that I'm "built for sex"
  • Tell me and others that you think I'm a bimbo
  • Assume that I am generally a terrible person (BECAUSE BEWBZ)
  • Tell me that you think I will sleep with your husband/boyfriend if left alone with him
  • Assume that I will jump at the chance to be your mistress
  • Tell me that I'm not "marriage material"

Having a weird day due to my tig ol' bitties being the Topic of The Day. I've been exercising lately so they have become more prominent over the last few weeks. Somehow this means I'm a trashy, slutty moron who slept her way to the bottom (production assistant-the very idea makes zero sense).

That's just a sampling of the crap people say to me/say about me because I happened to grow big breasts over the the years. They are just boobs, folks. They don't affect my intellect or my ability to do my job. Kindly take your obnoxious bullshit somewhere else.

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