A good friend whom I haven't seen in a few years (nothing happened, we just lost touch for a bit) reached out to me on The Facebooks this evening, and offered me a room in her house. We are meeting on Thursday to hash out some details, talk about financial matters, and for me to take a tour. Oh my god. Weight lifted. Thank god for supportive friends.

In other news, I got an OKC message today from a guy I went on a date with maybe 8 or 9 months ago when I was first on the site. I deleted my old account, so we got matched up again with my new profile. I remember having a very nice time with him when we met, he was very cute and I thought we hit it off really well, but he disappeared after that first night. I asked him straight up why he ghosted, and he told me he'd gotten out of a bad relationship recently around that time and got scared. He apologized and asked if he could take me out again. I said yes...I'm skeptical for sure, but still somewhat curious. I had a good time with him when we first met, and it wouldn't kill me to leave the house for a reason not tied to school. Plus, nothing ventured, nothing gained, and all that.