Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Ah gowan, tell us how Irish you are. Ach ya will ya will ya will.


Apparently I'm...

As Irish as a Tayto sandwich.

Illustration for article titled Yes! Its another Buzzfeed quiz, especially for St Patricks Day!

"What's the craic? You could probably sing all the words to the national anthem and "The Rattlin' Bog".

Well, nope and nope. I do love Tayto sandwiches though, but only if they're the cheese and onion flavour. I tried the Ulster Fry flavour ones once. Never again. They were grim.
I'm guessing my result was thanks to my answer for number 4, aka the end of every phone call I've ever had with my dad or his parents.


So, how Irish are you?

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