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Yes! It's another OKC update!

Hello GT friendlings :) So as you may/may not remember, about 3 weeks ago I signed up for OKC and things were moving along quite nicely. I'm pleased to say they are continuing nicely and yet, also frustratingly. Intrigued?

Last time in "hirondelle goes down the OKC rabbithole"...

1. I was talking to someone who seemed to quite like me, but reminded me of an ex.


We met up for coffee - I deliberately picked a day and time when I had something on afterwards, because I had a feeling it would be awkward. I was right. He was fun to talk to and really sweet but I just didn't feel like we clicked. He texted me a few days after asking for a second date, and I said that it was lovely to meet him but it just didn't feel like it would go anywhere. Wished him all the best in his search, he said the same - no hard feelings.

2. I was talking to someone who was proactive and asked me to meet up.

We went for a drink which was good, last week we went to see a film, and we're going for dinner tomorrow night. It still very much feels like we're trying to find all the things we have in common and are latching onto those for a lot of the conversation - "You like Parks and Rec? I like Parks and Rec!" "You like Donald Glover's standup? I... don't love it but I see that it is, objectively funny." We do have a lot in common and everything but I'm just not feeling it. Which is due in large part to the fact that...

3. I was talking to a Theology student who I like.

Guys. Guys. I really like this guy. And he really likes me. He's funny. He's clever. We have a million things in common and find more every day. We've been texting every day for the past two weeks. We've been trying to work out when we're going to see each other for our first date. Because when he's home, he's 300 miles away. And he's in Botswana for the next two weeks, and will be doing a parish placement for a month pretty much immediately afterwards. We won't be in a place where we can get to see each other (without one person travelling/paying much more than the other) until the end of September. And neither of us want to wait that long, but finding a place that's midway for the two of us is still going to be a 2+ hour long train journey and not cheap - and when it's a long journey, one afternoon/evening isn't enough, and to get cheaper fares you have to commit to a certain time train and blah blah blah. And it's so, so hard. I don't want to wait until the end of September, and neither does he - but we don't have a choice. It sucks because I know we will get along like a house on fire in person but waiting so long is just... I know that I'm one of those people who starts daydreaming and projecting and I don't want to get into this feeling like I'm already going out with him when I've never even met the guy. Because that's kind of how it feels at times - and that's a little bit scary. I don't want to race ahead but it's kind of hard not to, when we're texting all the time and we're making fun of each other and kind of half-talking about dates number 2 and 3 when we haven't even had date 1 and he says things like "I feel like I can talk to you all day" and I am so smitten.



But also don't help because if this is the kind of conversation I can have with someone I've met on OKC, then I'm quite happy with that:

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