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YES REALLY, Additional Work Costs Additional Dollars

Dear Clients,

I am not an employee of your company. I am an employee of the company you've hired to do work for you. Work that gets invoiced. Work that you've been receiving invoices for for many years now. Invoices on which you can clearly see that the amount of money you are billed is directly correlated, line by line, to the amount of work that you request be done. I propose that there is a causative link behind this correlation. As such, when you ask me to do additional work for you, IT WILL COST YOU ADDITIONAL MONEYS. We aren't pals, and professional courtesy is all that stands between my polite explanatory emails and an incoherent stream of unparseable profanity. We do not work for free. Given that we've had this discussion almost every time you've requested additional work from me, I think it is fair to say that you should know this by now.


You are awful.
The. End.

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