Calling him a crybaby is laughing at him because he cries like a girl while male. He is a sexist ass with an entitlement complex. He took gender studies, asked for special treatment because he's male, was denied, did nothing in attempt to accommodate the issue, did less than B work in the class, which probably wouldn't have been the case if he had attended, and then when he failed, he blamed the woman who taught it and the system for grading him on the same system as women in a class that he should have gotten special snowflake status in. And then sued because he was denied the privilege that he's entitled to as a male.

Really? This is the image being used to mock him? An image of a boy alone in a hallway crying? Really? Because a boy being sad and expressing that under a depiction of physical aloneness to signify his emotional aloneness is funny?

While calling him a crybaby is fun and fulfilling and literally hitting him where it will hurt the most, it hurts the most because it's calling him a stereotype of a woman that we reject.

Mock him all you want. He deserves it. Just don't imply that he is a stereotype of a girl and that's why he should be mocked. There is nothing wrong with being a girl or even being a girl who adheres to the stereotype of a girl. There is something wrong with him.

The gender neutral version would be that he's throwing a temper tantrum. Say that.


Look, this is not just my opinion. There are studies about crying being a stereotype for women. Yes, men and women are both mocked for it; men are mocked for being like women and women are dismissed for being just like a woman. When you cry and you feel like that's made a situation awkward, do you say "I'm sorry. I am such a girl?" Because I do.

Psychology Today

Politico on the difference of treatment of crying in men and women politicians

Even Cracked talks about Boys Don't Cry.

Here's a whole series of academic articles about gender issues regarding crying and anger


As children, boys get negative attention when they cry and girls get positive attention when we cry. Boys are told to buck up and girls are given support. What do you think "man up" means? "Stop acting like a pussy?"

It's not even just a stereotype of women: there is science that says that women cry more and some science that says that this is because we have more prolactin.

Someone mentioned that she was certain that Jezebel mocks women as crybabies too, so I looked it up. Jezebel has mocked a few men as a crybabies or mocked them for imagined crying and has "Your Evening Cry" posts aimed at women. (Also, Tracy Egan Morrissey went from Heartless Bitch to Sappy Crybaby but I'm not willing to read enough of an article by her to figure out if she's mocking herself or not.) I literally could not find any other examples of Jezebel using the word crybaby to mock a woman. Ladies, you could move in with a guy and discover that he's a crybaby. Men get mad that feminists charge them more for coffee? Crybaby Express. We have a guy mocked for calling Clinton a "fake crybaby" where the fake part is the problem. Trump makes crybaby attacks against women in which he does not literally cry. Male lawyer claims "crybaby woman" defense at trial, goes home and weeps in his PJs.


Stop doubling down and listen; in this case, a form of gender discrimination against men is saying that they are acting like women. Women are dismissed for it; men are mocked for it.