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Yes, the world is out to get me

Good god, y’all. Since my last post about deciding to become a hermit, I’ve only received more evidence that it would be a smart move. I’m currently embroiled in an insurance dispute because another moron backed into my goddamn bumper—the one I just got replaced like two months ago after the last moron—this time while my car was parked. TeenSparrow was waiting for me in the car when this lady in a minivan fucking hit and run, and she got pictures of the moron’s plate. Her insurance claims that the pictures don’t show any paint transfer on her vehicle which supports her story that she didn’t make contact with my car. Despite my kid being IN MY CAR WHEN IT HAPPENED and photos of white paint transfer on my scraped bumper AND the police report we filed to have her tracked down. So now I have the business in whose parking lot the incident occurred sending her insurance company the security footage and the security guard’s incident report. I just want my bumper fixed!

Then. Omg. Today TS asked me to drive her to the piercing shop to get her jewelry resized. Halfway there, some fucker tried their best to run us off the road onto the sidewalk. I stood on my brakes and just narrowly avoided getting slammed into. I was shaking so hard we had to pull into a parking lot so I could cry for a minute. This asshole did NOTHING to avoid the collision, like we weren’t even there. They were in the center lane with their rear fender about even with my back door when they started pulling right into my lane. This was two freaking hours ago, and I’m still trembling slightly. And SO PISSED. Is my car just invisible to other drivers? 


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