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Yes Virginia, Satanists Are Truly More Christlike Then The 600k Voters Who Voted For Roy Moore

Its Christmas even in my bah humbug mood I cannot resist Xmas based headers.

Yes Virginia Satanists are truly more like Jesus then the 600k who voted for Moore and Moore himself. When God asks a deceased human did you harm a child or condone it n any way. A Satanist will answer “no I did not its against the 9th Rule of Satanism “do not harm young children”” All members of the 600k “Yes Father we voted for Roy Moore”.

When God asks “did you harm any creatures not in defense or for food”. A Satanist will answer “no we did not it is against Satan’s rules the 10th rule “do not kill nonhuman animals unless attacked or for food.”. The 600k (many) will respond “I hunt for sport”.


So Virginia yes God accepts many Satanists in heaven for they act like his Son Jesus in many ways by honoring the lives of His creatures and not harming children. Even those who profess their love for God and his Son Jesus if they do not act like Jesus by harming or condoning the harm of children or by killing needlessly His creatures will be sent to Hell.

Yes Virgina I must wonder if those Christians who not act like Jesus but also act contrary to the Rules of Satan will not face the harshest of punishments for even Satan condemns child abusers and those who kill animals needlessly.


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