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"Story Of A Recovering Man Hater" - GMP

So, someone posted an article on Hugo which enticed me to visit the Good Men Project. I'm thinking that was a poor choice on my part. I feel like a cheap knock-off stapler right now.

Yes, you see, they managed to find a woman who claims to be a recovering man hater. I can only assume she was discovered next to those Incan mummies or Glorie Steinem refused to pay her gambling debts, because I doubt there is just cause for this article.


Anyways, I sort of skimmed it but didn't really have the energy to invest in killing my own brain cells tonight, so I'm going to open it up to Groupthink to provide a reasoned and accurate analysis. Or, ya know, lots of snarkety snark snark.


What do ya say- is she full of shit or not?

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