Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Argh. Upside we met my mother's friend and I got Soba Noodles and from DQ a 99 cent diet coke. This was in a mall fall court. We were talking about Florida and she said (mother's friend) everyone she knew that moved to Florida came back and their face aged 10 years. I did a mental eye roll. The noodles were delish.

We came home about 90 minutes before the start of numerious thunderstorms. I don't know why but the dogs knew. BF was hiding in the pantry and GF was barking at the windows with her tail tucked in. I held GF during the storm well she kept jumping down, BF refused to budge from the pantry. Anyone know why dogs could know 90 minutes before a storm strikes? Yes it was darkish but still.


We saw Rizolli and Isles OnDemand ok episode. Major Crimes was better the previous night.

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