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Yesterday: a stark reminder of why I never go out anymore

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TW comedy/audience/venue snobbery

So yesterday the fella got us tickets for a comedy show, which is great because I'm a huge comedy nerd. But it was a Saturday night, and the venue was inside MOA, which already raised my reservations about how good this show was going to be (I am very particular about my comedy, and everyone in Minneapolis knows you go to Acme if you want to see a good club show). The headliner was a friend of a friend of his (in fact, he was sent on recon for her because she has a crush on this guy), and he's been a past guest on one of my favorite podcasts so I tried to stay open minded.


Once we got to the club, there was loud booming 90's pop music going on, and women with spiky hair, orange tans, and lace tops shouting and dancing around. First signal that this was going to be a terrible audience for comedy. We both looked at each other as to mentally signal how much we hated these people already. More people started showing up for seating, and weird sprawling lines that made no sense started to form. There was a very large guy and his lace bedecked wife in front of us holding drinks in the air and swaying in line to Salt & Pepa's "Shoop".

Unforunately, we were seated behind the first group of tan suburban couples who were shouting when we showed up. Fortunately, we weren't in assigned seats, so we moved to the table across the aisle as far away as possible. We ended up sitting a few rows behind another tan lace top lady and her husband with a golden mustache and Affliction shirt. There was tons of rowdiness coming from another corner of the room, which we later found out was a group of apple farmers.


Before the show started, the first loud group, Mr. & Mrs. Affliction shirt, and the apple farmers all took turns running up on stage, grabbing the mic, and taking pictures. I turned to the fella after rubbing my temples in embarrassment and he said, "Why is that a thing? I don't get it." My nerd rage may have kicked in a little when I started ranting about how disrespectful that is, and how it's not like you'd ever see shit like that happen at a concert.

The show itself was filled with the smell of chicken fingers and fries (this venue lets you eat while you watch), tons of unnecessary audience participation and heckling, and one of the ladies in the first group straight up flashing her vagina to the headliner. The feature and the headliner both put on decent shows, but were frequently side tracked by the obnoxious apple farmer group. At one point, the headliner had to cut a deal with them to shut the hell up so he could tell a story without them shouting for him to tell penis jokes or just drunk wailing in general.


I hate comedy shows with shitty audiences. Please share your good show/awful audience experiences here.

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