Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

As always, thanks to everyone who responded to my post yesterday. Even though I don't feel great about my appearance right now, I know I still deserve to be kind to myself.

I've decided to try and give reduced carb/paleo another crack. It's been the easiest method of eating for me to stick to, I still feel satisfied and healthy while doing it, and I know once I get over the first hump and the sugar cravings subside, that I'll feel much better physically and mentally. I'm sure I'll loosen my restrictions a little bit on Thanksgiving and Christmas, but I have some great low carb appetizer/side dishes I can throw together for those as well. I also downloaded an app on my phone for low-resistance strength training exercises, so hopefully I can start on those later in the week.

I talked to my roommate last night about me keeping Morty the Kitty after I move out in a few months. She said yes! I'm so excited! We are going to be the best of pals.


Also, I saved a ton of money yesterday by getting a second opinion on some repairs my car needed. The Ford dealership in town told me I needed, among other things: new brake pads, completely new rotors, a new battery, air filters, fuel injection service, etc, etc, etc, for a grand total of almost $1000. So, I went to a local brake shop and asked the technician to do a full inspection for me, after which he told me my brake pads definitely needed to be replaced, and that my rotors will need replacement soon, but that I could safely wait a few months to do that, and that *nothing else was wrong with it* Yeah. I walked out of there having paid $207.00 for new pads and that's it. So fucking glad I didn't let Ford take me for a ride on all that unnecessary crap with money I do not have.

Get it...take me for a ride....?

Cricket, cricket. :)

Also, OKC guy asked for my number, and we are going to talk on the phone tomorrow. I haven't had anybody ask for a phone call prior to meeting in awhile. I kind of like it.

Anyway. I woke up at 5am and couldn't fall back asleep, so I got up and made breakfast. Now I am full of eggs and veggies and a grapefruit half and I have a sleepy again, and class doesn't start until 11. Goodnight/morning, GT.

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