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Yesterday I had an emotional breakdown so humilated

My mother amd I went to see the musical Rock of Ages.

She called months ago and asked for seats close to the front and the ticket seller said “front row?”. She took two seats in front row.


Oddly for the first time ever in that theater there were gaps in first and second row. Yeah. Its LOUD.

I loooved the music. I was not a fan of Foreigner. Don’t Stop Believing to me was a meh song. Oh Sherrie slightly better but still meh range.


I loved Destiny. She looked like Sherrie 15 years in the future with same color blonde hair but longer. If she was a bit younger I would have cast her as Sherrie.

The actress playing Sherrie was good but at times mixed up power singing with screaming. Actress playing Destiny got that power singing is not screaming.


Sherrie did well in nonpower songs. Not that she had many.

The choreography which is normally spot on was horrible. The dancers kept looking at each other too often. In first dance two dancers bumped into each other. It was obvious accidental but still good choreography teaches to look at audience not each other except when needed. They also lacked syncness. I did read the booklet and saw it was a different choreographer then the usual one who has been doing it for at least fifteen years.


I loved the actors playing Loony and Dennis. Loony played it for laughs nothing serious same with Dennis. I wish Dennis had Sherrie’s back when Stacey asked him to remove Sherrie for the night.

Regina well the actress seemed like she was having a blast.

Anyways the final song. Don’t Stop Believing. Sherrie sang “just a city boy from Detroit, Michigan”. It happened a tear rolled down my cheek then I just started sobbing. I thanked god I was quiet about it. Then the cast came out for applauds, I could not stand, I was sitting sobbing, my mother looked and said “you are crying, what’s wrong”. I responded sobbing “I miss the 80s”. That’s it. Four words.


I finally did stand to applaud. Its polite and overall they deserved it. My mother realized how much I loved the 80s. I told her in the car “college and high school the last decade of somewhat simplicity not just for me but everyone”. I did not add “plus I was healthy” why remind her.

I really do not cry. No matter how much pain I have been in, I refuse to cry. I won’t give pain the satisfaction, tear up yes, cry no. Yet I was in a theater, front row, final song, sobbing and it was not a sad musical. I never cried to Les Mis, never to others. Yet I did for this. I could understand crying to Les Mis or West Side Story, WSS makes me sad but not teary.

This is from a different group I found online performing this musical. Its Don’t Stop Beleiving.

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