As an immigration lawyer and a live-in girlfriend of a foreign national here on a student visa, I cannot escape the probable consequences of this election at work or at home.

I know some of you guys are non-profit lawyers and even some of you guys are immigration lawyers.

My clients are GOING CRAZY. I have to keep telling them to calm down but its impossible.

One of the things that the conservative think tank advising Trump has suggested that he do is rid of OPT (optional practical training) for foreign students. This allows foreign students to work for US employers directly after school for a period of time. This is a problem because this is exactly what my boyfriend is planning on doing next summer. Our plan was he goes on OPT and get a STEM extension if necessary (he has an offer) and then we plan a big wedding for spring 2018 in Italy and apply for his green card after.

Now I am freaking out. We are discussing going to city hall and getting secret married just to be safe. We’re terrified. The thought of just hurriedly getting married makes me so sad though. I want to drink and be merry with our best friends.


What do you guys think?

I’ve linked below the suggested actions he could take. I will never underestimate him again so I think anything is possible.