And it was relaxing and awesome. Birthdays are a big deal to me. I genuinely like birthdays because you are celebrating the existence of that person and that you are happy that that person is in your life. This might sound corny and stupid to some, but it's how I feel. So when I sadly told boyfriend that I wasn't having a party this year (even though it fell on the rare saturday!) his response "but.. you love your birthday.." and tried to make me happy all weekend.

Friday night we were having a drink with some of his friends, most of which I knew. Had a (surprisingly) lovely conversation about gender acceptance and sexism in our current western world and then around midnight there was prosecco! And singing! For me! It was awkward and awesome, especially because it took me a few seconds to process that it was in fact for me. There were more drinks and there was dancing.

Saturday morning I was woken up by boyfriend softly singing happy birthday to me. We went and wandered through the market and mall with some juice and bought pie. The afternoon was comprised of watching True Detective, playing games and running. Then we went and visited my friend who was having a small housewarming. Upon arriving I ran into someone I knew from a whole different circle and an hour later 2 of my cousins walked in! One of whom I hadn't seen in many years. When he extended his hand I said "but.. don't you recognize me?" and he looked me dead in the eye and said ".. happy birthday boobiechick" and I laughed. It was a really great evening! (I can't say the extra 1.5 pieces of pie didn't help either)

Sunday we slept in, had a delicious breakfast and then I went for a 8.5km run. Groupthink. I think my muscles are trying to flee my body. I'm so sore. But! I got to sit out on the balcony, in the sunshine, reading a book, while Boyfriend cooked surinam fried rice with marinated chicken and home-made pickled onions and cucumber. YUM.

All in all this was a great weekend! And now I get to relax some more! What did you/are you doing this weekend?