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Because sometimes things are good.

I took the day off work and slept in. Mr GV is between terms at school and we spent the day together out for a drive and some hiking. Capped it off with a wonderful dinner out, including decadent desserts. My birthday hasn't been on a Friday in about six years, so that was pretty cool, too.


He bought me a really neat handheld knife sharpener that also does kitchen scissors. Why this is worth mentioning is that he is convinced he sucks at picking out gifts. He has listened to me bitch about needing my knives sharpened for a couple years and knows I've bitched about it longer than that. How sweet is that? He's going to sharpen everything for me, too. He's also going to take me out to buy me something sparkly, but there hasn't been time.

I finally got him to stop apologizing for this wonderful gift by letting him know that it isn't fair that he gets me a great thing and then I have to comfort him for doing something so nice. Goofball.

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