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Yesterday's Realizations.

First, I found out that Anonymous attacked Scientology by sending them all-black faxes, and using up all their printer ink.

The second thing? That caffeine crashes and dependency is all too real, and there are actual physical symptoms of a withdrawal.

What do these two things have to do with me? Well yesterday, my school library ran out of ink, and the cafeteria ran out of tea, energy drinks, and coffee. No problem for me, but for everyone else, it was a mess. I think anonymous is onto something. Printer ink is fucking expensive, at $13 an ounce, my school can’t buy toner to save our lives.


And without caffeine, people lost their shit, well... They would have lost their shit, if the campus wi-fi lost it’s signal. But they were too tired to riot anyway. People were having headaches, and some people skipped class altogether.

I know I shouldn’t revel in someone else’s pain, but seeing people freak out about Ink and Caffeine had me chortling the entire day.

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