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The answer is... YES! We have this article, which calls the stripping of an unconscious woman on a live-streaming camera "a couple's strip show".

Sigh. For those who don't want to click over, this article talks about a loophole on the PS4 that is probably going to be a very big deal soon. As we've known for a while, you can now live-stream your gameplay from your PS4 through Twitch.tv (or UStream). Twitch.tv is a gaming website dedicated to gameplay, speed running, stuff like that. Great idea! Now you don't need extra equipment to show people your gaming chops. I love Twitch.tv, a lot of people make money within a healthy gaming community. So, this is a great development! Or so we thought.


Someone - or, more likely, a lot of someones - missed a verrry obvious problem with this. One of the games released with the PS4 is called 'Playroom', and for this game, 'gameplay' is actually video of your living room, not a screen.

See where this is going?

So, people can now stream unfiltered content of their living rooms live onto a gaming site. A week after the PS4 launched, we have had a couple get really drunk on camera (while streaming). The woman passes out. The man lifts up her shirt and shows her breasts to the camera for about 15 minutes. "After a brief blackout, the broadcast returned, with the woman completely naked, presumably stripped by her companion."


No "oh hey, this is sexual assault, woops!" mention. The author actually later writes that one of these days, someone will do something "even more sexually bizarre" and the media will freak out. Like stripping an unconscious woman and exposing her naked body online without her knowledge or consent isn't bizarre enough?!


Ugh, Kotaku. Usually I love you, it is your commenters that have issues, but it would have taken literally half a sentence to mention that this is illegal activity and, oh, maybe tell us HOW THAT BROADCAST ENDED?

In Canada, at least, consent becomes non-consent the minute someone falls unconscious. (There are huge problems with this IMO, just adding this for context.) I'm not sure what the laws/precedent on this are like in the states, but I highly doubt that this woman volunteered to be treated this way, and I highly doubt that it was legal.



Side question from the comments on there - what do you think the Sony response should be? Should adults be allowed to stream adult content through the PS4? The concern right now is that there is no parental lock or even a warning, because Twitch.tv is for all ages, so any age child could see this intentionally or unintentionally, and things are getting weird - besides this event, people have been showing off a shotgun on camera today, but you can do that on webcams and that isn't illegal. Should Playroom be removed from the video-sharing feature, kept, modified? Hm!


Update: prettyingeek informed me that consent after unconsciousness is also illegal in the United States, and Pyrax says that even drunk consent isn't consent in the States. So there is no way this is legal, even if she somehow agreed to it ahead of time. (Just to head off any trolls who feel like arguing that route...)

Update2: Troll alert! After someone mentioned it was kind of hypocritical to complain about this and not comment on the article, I commented on the article. And this is what I get:

Lol, I'm so glad I'm not as self-righteous or obnoxious as you. Luckily, I recognize that context is missing here. I also recognize that nobody was sexually assaulted. No assault took place in any way, and in fact, no sexual intercourse occurred from the sound of things. Be as upset as you want. I for one, am glad that it happened and was broadcast.


Fucking hell, Kotaku.

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