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Yet another food post :D

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I spent most of the last 5 hours messing around in my kitchen. I wish i could figure out how to post more than one picture. I made lots of stuff!


I made a loaf of multi-grain bread from a just-add-water mix, just because I had it. The bread is ok. It didn't rise very well, but it tastes decent. Very dense and heavy, though. Good with cream cheese on it!

I halved and roasted an acorn squash. The cooked flesh is now sitting in the fridge, and I'll do something with it tomorrow.


For dinner, I made brown rice with ham stock and topped it with canned baked beans mixed with stir fried mushrooms, onions, garlic, and bacon. The rice was slightly crunchy because somebody felt the need to lift the lid of the rice cooker before it was done. Grrr. Still tasted fine, just the rice wasn't quite done.

For dessert, I made a gluten free, dairy free carrot cake with vanilla icing (pictured). It was good. Not great, but good. I need to work on this one.

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