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Yet another "girl sells her virginity" story

This one is a Siberian teenager, and of course, as these things go, every 4th comment is "eww, I'd never knowingly sleep with a virgin". I hate this sorta derailment 'cause I feel like it's one of those brownie points "this is my preference and see how that makes me a good person" statements, like "I like girls who don't wear makeup" or "I don't like rail thin girls".


So, I do very much understand that people have preferences (duh) and I even get having an ambivalence towards dating someone who's less experienced, but man, it just does not need to derail every damn thread about a virgin and sex. So, instead of talking about Siberian socioeconomics or post-Soviet attitudes towards prostitution, gold diggers, and trophy wives, and possibly other interesting things, the conversation is about how virgins suck in bed. Uh, great?

Image source: gleethenextgenerationfanfiction

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