So you guys who are super clever and speak more than one language...I have a question.

I have started noticing something SUPER weird happening, and I'm trying to work out if it's because:

1) It's a normal part of the language learning process


2) I'm just a fucking idiot

I've started forgetting words in english (my native language). Earlier I wanted to write "actress" and wrote it as "actrice" and couldn't work out why is was being marked as a typo. In the end I had to fucking google it before I realised that was the french word for it. On many occasions I've forgotten the word "trailer" and all I can think of is "BA" for bande annonce. I completely forgot the word for "screw driver" and could only think of tournevis. There have been other examples as well, but I can't remember them right now.

This isn't meant to be a humblebrag - it's been genuinely quite scary each time it's happened, and the "actrice" thing in particular really upset me since I literally had no idea why it was telling me the word was wrong.

Is this normal? I don't really do much writing in french, it's mainly listening, speaking and reading, so there's no reason why I should be forgetting such simple words.