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I left a terrible day care job at the end of February, partially to save my sanity, and partially so I could have free time to concentrate on finding a better teaching job for September. It’s basically July now, and I still don’t have a full time job for September. Most of the hiring is done in July and August though, so I’m not stressing yet. I stuck 30+ cover letters in the mail yesterday, and will be doing at least that many more tomorrow and Thursday. Job hunting is expensive when you’re expected to cold call schools with cover letters and resumes.

In March, I took on a short term, very part time job, stage managing a children’s production for a friend of mine. That ended two weeks ago. At the end of May I started substitute teaching for a school district 45 minutes away in traffic, when I was lucky enough to have my dad’s car. That ended last week. Yesterday, I took a job as a nanny for the summer. It starts on Monday, is four days a week 10 hours a day, and pays better than my day care job. The parents are friends of ours, so they’re supportive of me job hunting and willing to be flexible when I finally get more interviews. Grandparents live nearby and are ready to be my backup for half-days when needed.

This is the third temporary job that I’ve started since March. All of them are related to my field (early childhood education) in some way, which is great. I’m really hoping that all this work turns into a job offer at a school I’ll like, if not love, for the fall.


Off to create a spreadsheet for mail merge of all the public schools in three more city districts. Yippee!

ETA: 72 Generic cover letters have been sent to FedEx/Kinkos for printing. Plus resumes. I also found six schools that sound really great that are going to get unique cover letters. I’ll work on those tomorrow. My brain is fried.

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