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Scary stuff with the neighbors.

Hanging out in the backyard earlier with lil guy, husband, BIL and SIL. We can hear a chainsaw running in the woods a bit behind us on the neighbors' side of the stone wall.

Then- uggghh- chainsaw sound cuts off and screaming. At first I thought it was a joke but it didn't stop. While my husband called 911 I ran with BIL to see if neighbor lady was ok. Let BIL get in close (USMC - he can handle it lol) while her husband called 911 as well. Turns out she had gotten hit with the tree when it fell and it broke her leg. Said she was sure it was broken, her husband referred to it as mangled. No blood, no compound fracture - so that's good! But it was her upper leg.


SIL and I went to get water for her while waiting for the ambulance. Took 45 minutes. It was originally supposed to come from one neighboring town, but they couldn't so the town east of us showed up.

Honestly, as bad as it was? I thought with the chain saw we were going to see worse, so scary. She did mention drinking vodka earlier, hope they weren't both drinking before deciding to take down limbs. Fourth of July weekend in the woods of New England....

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