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Yikes Heard At Thrift Shop Makes Sense But People Are Awful

I went to my favorite thrift shop. They have a nice section where books are set up in a semicircle with comfy chairs and a table. One chair was used by an employee and my mother was talking to him.

He was sorting through cds, vhs and dvds.

In summary he said

1. Each have to be opened up.

2. Many cds and dvds have nothing. Makes sense this happens a lot at flea markets and yard sales. Always check cds, dvds vhs out before you sell them.


3. Title of cd, dvd, vhs has to match the box. Makes sense.

4. This is just people are awful catagory. He said its not rare to discover porn dvds inside dvd cases of nonporn movies including childrens movies. Sorry you do not accidently put porn in dvd of nonporn movies. Although I can picture teens doing this meaning to hide their porn dvds. Adults nope sorry except for parents who donate dvds in which their teens have their porn hidden, although I think that’s rare.

5. If a vhs, dvd, or cd is homemade its trashed since it could be porn. Sadly it makes sense.

I assume all thrift shops do this. I never actually thought about it.

Also there is a sixth I overheard at another thrift shop. That about a quarter or dvds are stolen from their case while on the shelf. People are awful.


Also at fleamarket I got for three dollars three comic compilations.

Iron Man Armor Wars


V For Vendetta


I always wanted to read V For Vendetta.

Also a book I already have and somewhere in a box down cellar. Death of Superman.


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