Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Yikes, well this has been a disgusting Monday (OT)

I slept most of the day because I have either food poisoning or a stomach bug. Not sure what would have given me food poisoning because I split everything I ate yesterday with my friend (who has a sensitive stomach) and she’s fine. Actually, I ate some questionable shellfish on Saturday (stopped when I decided it was questionable), but it doesn’t seem likely it would take two days to take effect...

I’m stressed because I am leaving a lot of work at work for me to come back to.. The problem is I have an hour long drive to work so like, if I need a toilet...I’ll most likely be over a lake. While I might be in better shape tomorrow, if I’m not in GREAT shape it’s risky for me to go in (sleep deprivation/driving safety calculated in there too). Blegh.


This weekend I did make a money saving schedule for myself where I should be able to quit my job by the end of July and focus on my art, and have a few months buffer money to get my shit together. I’m already starting to get a little overwhelmed with commissions - not enough to support me, but enough that I can’t do them in a timely manner with a full time job an hour away. If I can bust ass, I can quit sooner!

Anyone have a halfway decent day? Haha.

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