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Yesterday was shitty. My coworker spazzed on me in a gaslighty way, so no matter how I defended myself, it would just make me look like the crazy-pants. Fortunately, my coworkers know her well enough to know she's a horrible person, and assured me it would all blow over. Still, I wasn't looking forward to coming in today. And then...

SHE DIDN'T COME IN. She has a "migraine" (most people's are real, hers are fake), which is actually an acute case of pretendonitis. On top of which, there are approximately seven other people in the office, AND Mr. Waffle and I are going to look at a house tonight. No fight, no snark, he just agreed to it and looked at other houses with me. PROGRESS!


SO, in honor of my good mood, I bought my coworkers pizza for lunch. I like to do nice things for people, and it just seemed like a good day for 'za.

How are you all feeling today?

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