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Yo Fashionable People

WARNING: This is a first-world problem. Sorry I'm not sorry.

So I bought a knock-off Herve Leger style dress—it's from a line called AVRIL, which I've never heard of before—in Shanghai.


I'm wondering now if I should have sized down. I've heard that Legers stretch out a lot and though this is not a Leger, it is a bandage dress.

I can fit the size down, but it was really small, like it felt tight around the rib cage—can't lose weight there...—and it was a little unflattering around my hips because it was so tight around my upper thighs—which is strange because, to be frank, I'm in really good shape.


The size I bought fits perfectly. Perhaps it isn't as tight as some people would wear it, but I wasn't looking for a girdle fit around the middle.

TL;DR: I just wonder if I should have sized down because it will stretch to the shape I prefer and this size will get too big.



Also, the reason why I'm bothering with this whole mess:

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