ETA: Thanks, GT. I'm gonna synthesize these amazing answers, talk with my mom some more, research, reflect, and ponder. I think agnostic is a label I can wear well, and in wonderful company. All the x's and o's.

I'm exploring that word. Agnostic. I'm loathe to label myself, because of reasons, unless a label really fits. I was talking with my mom about G-d* on Sunday over a yummy dinner and boozy drinks. So, she dropped some knowledge on me that was really beautifully put, but I was buzzed and couldn't properly record it.

Basically, I mentioned my answer to the "What would you like to hear from G-d when you get up to Heaven?" question was 'Surprise!', and then said, "but I'm not sure I call myself agnostic." I conceived the word as having to do with questioning.

She replied that she does consider herself agnostic, and that it doesn't have to do with questioning, but with G-d being something outside your realm of knowledge. She went etymological on me, but in a really eloquent way.

So, I've done some reading. I've got the etymology, and I get the philosophy, but I want to know what your being agnostic means to you. 'Cause it sounds like something that may be true of me.


*Writing it that way is an old habit, and I like it. It's written that way so that it cannot be destroyed. It's a Jewish thing. See? Still very much a cultural Jew.